Impresa Swivel Recliner and Ottoman- Toffee

Swivel chairs aren't just for desks! The Impresa Swivel Recliner not only rotates a full 360 degrees, it also reclines and includes a matching ottoman for maximum comfort. An amply cushioned seat back supports the lower back as well as neck and shoulders. The 4-inch wide armrests are also cushioned and sit atop a durable black cantilever frame. Recline with the turn of a knob and tighten when the ideal angle is reached. Both the chair and ottoman are upholstered with a plush Toffee vinyl that is soft to the touch and wipes clean easily. The Impresa is lightweight and easy to place and move from room to room if necessary. A wide platter base keeps both the chair and ottoman stable. Ideal for lounges, entertainment rooms, home offices or waiting rooms, the Impresa is a great addition. All Regency chairs are backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty on chair bases and frames and a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty on chair mechanisms and upholstery.



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Reclining, Seating, Swivel


Bedroom, Entryway, Living Room, Lounge, Office